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In our previous articles, published in the news section of our website, we discussed the project analysis phase and the creation of 2D patterns. Technical visualization on paper can sometimes be less intuitive. Understanding the volumes of the garments, proportions, and how fabrics drape and fall on the body is not easy but highly important.

To facilitate this phase, Crea-Si offers its 3D visualization service.

Crea-Si is a tailoring company, and we want to ensure that Italian craftsmanship continues to be a part of our culture and history.

However, we must not forget that this history should always be accompanied by a projection towards the future. Tradition is not in conflict with innovation. For this reason, we have always placed great importance on integrating technology to support our tailoring activities.

We support and enhance the creation of 2D patterns with 3D technology. Clients who choose to do so can preview their designs on a real 3D avatar. The avatar will have the same measurements as the chosen model, allowing them to see an initial result of the work during the preparation phase.

There are numerous opportunities and advantages to this technology:


3D Fashion: Preview Visualization

This innovative technology allows for the correction of any garment issues even before the prototype is created. It enables adjustments to the pattern, and the changes can be visualized quickly.


3D Fashion: Reduced Resource Waste

In the past, the design process required the creation of numerous prototype garments and samples, resulting in the use and waste of a significant amount of fabric. This also meant creating garments that couldn’t be sold to customers and were destined to be discarded. Today, thanks to the ability to digitally visualize garments on an avatar, all of these resources can be saved.


3D Fashion: Reduced Time Waste

Consider the time and effort required to create multiple physical prototypes compared to direct visualization of modifications on an avatar. We can see these changes in real-time without the need for fabric cutting and garment construction.

Additionally, a digital file can be quickly sent via email, eliminating the technical time required for shipping a physical garment.

A 3D prototype can be visualized in real-time from anywhere in the world, without the need to move a single inch of material.


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