Ideally, for the first introductory meeting, you should bring the project you want to develop, an idea of the garments, their type and quantity, the steps involved (prototyping, number of sample repetitions, indicative production quantities), and the desired timelines. It is also very useful to provide a target price range for the various types of products.

During the sketching process, the pattern maker needs to understand as clearly and exhaustively as possible how to bring to life what is drawn. It is therefore highly recommended to arrive at the appointment with a card for each item to be created, containing the sketch, technical drawings, measurements where possible to provide useful references for desired proportions, the fabric to be used (a fabric sample would be ideal), and any secondary fabrics/materials.

Crea-Si has developed and implemented its own services over the years to provide comprehensive support to its clients.
• Fabric and accessory research
• Pattern making
• 3D pattern making / 3D assembly of existing models
• Sample making (prototypes, samples, and production)
• Model fitting
• Size development
• Marker making
• Cutting All services can also be accessed separately.

The services offered by Crea-Si are highly personalized and tailored to the specific requests of each client. Contact us to discuss your project and receive a personalized quote!

We work internally on prototyping and samples, which involve small quantities. For production, we rely on trusted workshops that require a minimum of 50 pieces per item. Quantities below that need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, always considering that below a certain quantity, the price increases in proportion to the sample.

We can offer clients individual services, such as creating prototypes from existing patterns or size development for existing samples and models. Based on each client’s needs, we create a tailored path and provide a corresponding quote.

Crea-Si works with both Italian and international clients. Over its thirty-year experience, the company has had the opportunity to collaborate with various countries such as the United States, Germany, Austria, England, and more.

Crea-Si works on almost all types of products: shirts, dresses, pants, jackets, skirts. We can handle different types of fabrics, from lightweight ones like silk to heavier ones like wool and denim. We also work with jersey and lycra. The only products we do not handle are traditional tailored suits for men, corsetry, underwear, costumes, and genuine leather and fur garments. Crea-Si is a garment workshop and does not deal with knitted products.

We do not produce traditional tailored suits, corsetry, underwear, costumes, genuine leather and fur garments, and knitted products.

Crea-Si has specialized professionals who can cater to different types of products, allowing us to create garments for all genders and ages.

With our in-house prototyping service, we are accustomed to handling individual garments. Would you like to create a made-to-measure garment? Contact us and explain your project to receive a quote!

Crea-Si is located in the heart of the textile district of Carpi, where a dense network of fashion-related companies and businesses has been established, capable of fulfilling any stylistic request. For external processing, we turn to trusted suppliers with whom we have developed a collaborative relationship over time.

Crea-Si considers the fitting phase of garments crucial for proper fine-tuning. For clients in need, we can offer an in-house fitting service, taking care of finding a model in the desired measurements through contacts with various agencies.

Crea-Si is located at Via Platone 10 in Carpi, in the province of Modena, less than 2 km from the highway exit.