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Are you thinking of developing your fashion collection? Before proceeding, it’s important to know that in our industry, the project analysis a new project is indeed one of the most important, delicate, and stimulating moments of a new collaboration.

Since 1989, Crea-Si has been assisting stylists and designers in bringing their projects to life, collaborating over time with some of the most important Italian and international fashion houses.

Project Analysis

After developing ideas and designs, you can start turning your sketches into reality by following a work plan that takes into account the set timelines, projected budgets, and goals of your collection.

To ensure this happens in the best possible way, you’ll need to consider several factors and gather all the information during this phase that will contribute to achieving your objective:

  • Which market is your project targeting?
  • What type of user do you want to reach?
  • What message do you want to communicate?

These are guidelines that go beyond the technical aspects but are crucial because they will help our collaborators resonate with the product and the person who conceived it.

This synergy represents a fundamental piece in assisting our client in achieving their goals.

Project Presentation

After getting in touch with Crea-Si, we will arrange an introductory and non-binding meeting to get an overall understanding of your project: the number of garments to develop, subsequent production quantities, desired timelines and budget, as well as the target audience and the message you want to convey.

Brief Explanation of Sketches

We will go through each sketch together to define the main lines: materials used, specific details, desired lengths.

The pattern maker will ask targeted questions to better understand the goal you want to achieve, and any technical doubts will be clarified.

Definition of Fit and Reference Measurements for the Sample Size

Each brand is characterized by specific volumes and fit. It’s important to define them at the outset of the project in order to give a consistent look to the different garments in the collection.

Thus, the anatomical measurements of the target audience and the base size for creating prototypes and samples will be determined.

Definition of Product Quality Standards

Considering the budget allocated to the project and the target audience, it will be necessary to define the corresponding quality standards for the product.

At what price will the garment be sold to the customer? This variable will help us understand which finishes and accessories to choose in order to meet the required price target.

Definition of Timing

How many stages will your project be divided into? Prototyping, adjustments, sampling, and subsequent production are all interconnected phases, and therefore, they must adhere to specific deadlines.

From the beginning, it is essential to define the timelines to be adhered to throughout the project, as they are crucial to achieving your objectives.

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