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Let’s continue our journey in the developing of your fashion collection by starting the next phase: the sample development phase.

After the approval of the prototypes, fitting with adjustments, and necessary modifications, we move on to the next stage of the production process, which involves creating the samples. At this point, based on the required quantities and technical specifications, you have the option to either internally produce the samples or rely on our reliable network of specialized suppliers for various product types.


Essential Information

During this stage, it is crucial to provide us with the quantity of samples needed, the total number of garments to be produced, and the deadlines to be met. These details must be provided in advance to ensure the smooth organization of work both internally and with our external partners.



Despite we often have tight deadlines, maintaining the quality of the garments remains a fundamental priority for Crea-Si. Therefore, in collaboration with the client, we carefully evaluate each individual piece, which must receive client approval before proceeding with the complete production of all the samples. This approval process ensures that the final outcome meets expectations and complies with the established quality standards.

Working with loyal and specialized suppliers across various product types enables us to ensure an efficient and high-quality production process. Supplier selection is based on rigorous criteria, including reliability, production capacity, and compliance with regulatory requirements. This way, we can achieve optimal results and meet our customers’ needs.

Wherever possible, Crea-Si is committed to sourcing local suppliers to reduce distances and have direct and immediate control over our supply chain.


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