We have a long experience in the world of fashion. Our company is composed by 17 women who daily carry on customers’ projects. Beyond this, we have close to heart social themes which involve all of us.

For this reason, Crea Si supports La Caramella Buona Onlus, a national organization that, for more than 20 years, fights against pedophilia and takes care of children and women’s protection, working hard to prevent and repress abuses and violences.

On the 15th of March we attended as guests the VII edition of International award “Growing up free”, an event organized by La Caramella Buona at the General Command of Guardia di Finanza in Rome.

The award, given by Roberto Mirabile, President of the Onlus, is consigned to those people who distinguished in the protection of childhood.

The event, supported by Senato, Camera and  RAI, represents an opportunity to sensitize public opinion on abuses against minors and the President of the Repubblic praised La Caramella Buona too for its amazing efforts in the defence children and women.

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