Crea Si looks to the future. Our company always believed in technologies’ potentialities  and invested in them, presenting herself as an innovative reality.

We have two 3D softwares, Optitex and CLO3D, for virtual clothing simulation.

What do we need to simulate your idea? Your sketch and which fabrics you are going to use! With these information we can start developing pattern used to dress the avatar and simulate fabrics proprieties so that we can get a realistic fall and draping of your fashion idea.

3D technology allows you to shorten lead time: sending sample to customer – customer’s modifications – sending sample to supplier – realize modifications – sending sample to customer for approval… consider that this process could take at least 2 days just for physical sample’s delivery, not taking into consideration  possible setbacks.

With 3D technology digital sample is delivered by email: customer receives pictures and the 3D file, which can be opened with a viewer, takes notes of modifications he wants, sends them to the supplier who immediately works on them.

We can reach sample’s approval in a couple of days instead of more than one week following traditional method.

Collections has to be presented and created in short time and the connection between fashion and technology is becoming more essential in order to keep up with tight timing.


3D advantages?

Save time and materials, allow creative team to ask for design modifications, create different outfits, develop all color variants and fabrics you want in few click and see results within the day.

It is possible to use 3D file for your e-commerce or give pictures to your salesman who will show styles and variants to customers, giving a precise feedback about which are styles and fabrics more appreciated and which have to be produced.


Create your idea in 3D with Crea Si help!

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