Crea Si has more than 25 years of experience in the world of fashion, working with the most important international fashion brands.

We used to work simultaneously on very different projects. Flexibility and a prompt solution to problems are our strengths.

For this reason, Crea Si bought different sewing machines capable to stitch different types of fabrics in order to satisfy customers’ requests.

We have machines for sewing jeans, coats and shirts.

We are equipped also with buttonhole machines: one creates buttonholes for heavy fabrics, also keyhole buttonholes,  and the other one is more suitable for light materials, as shirts fabric.

And if technology is not enough..we have seamstresses’ skilful hands!

In order to stitch buttons faster, we have a machine that can sew automatically buttons with two or four holes and apply eyelets and snaps.

For other kind of buttons, as shanks or rhinestone buttons, which required more attention, we resort to the experience of our seamstresses.

Technology can’t replace the value and the authenticity of handmade: delicate garments, rich in details as catwalk garment, need a handmade finishing.

Which fabrics can we sew?

Usually customers provide us silk, cotton, wool, denim, velvet and jersey and we can also sew lace and fur details, technical sport fabrics and leather parts.

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