Gloria Trevisani

“ I had the desire to create my own company after a couple experiences in the clothing industry.

If my bold head in my twenties had not shown me only the mistakes made by my owners probably I would never feel the desire to start my own entrepreneurial adventure! Luckily I had the chance to interface with all the phases that give birth to a clothing product. I’ve always loved challenges!

All of those things pushed me to concentrate my energies and my aspirations into the development of a company. I wanted my company to be  a point of reference for all those customers who think of the product and who use external collaborations to design it and realize it. The desire to learn and improve myself has always accompanied my personal and professional path. I have always nurtured my passion with more challenging targets and goals and nowadays I’m looking forward to new challenges to prove myself. This will allow me to continue my personal growth and the growth of my company and employees”







Our philosophy:

We believe that in order to better evaluate people’s work it is necessary to first value the people themselves.

We believe that behind an effective service there is the proposal formed not only by the skills acquired, but also by the sensitivity developed over years and years of passion for this work.

We believe that technical skills and creativity are essential elements for human and professional growth of each individual.

The guarantee of an excellent service for our customers also depends on the enhancement of our internal employees. Crea-Si believes in a flexible working system that meets the needs of its employees. Moreover, It believes in the importance of continuous training and the periodic technical updating of internal resources.

Since 2017 we have been raising awareness of health prevention and monitoring. In fact, every year Crea-Si gives for free to its employees a breast examination with ultrasound.