Responsibility and commitment of Crea-Si

This Responsibility Policy that Crea-Si has defined arises from its inspiring principles that have always guided it in its daily activities:

Enhancement of people: Crea-Si recognizes that respect for people and human rights plays a central role in its corporate approach. The valorisation of work develops and is based inextricably from the valorisation of people.

Each worker in Crea-Si represents a unique resource to listen to, train and grow professionally with attention and sensitivity towards their uniqueness.

Obviously the foundations of the relationship with the workers are the Starting from the obvious adherence to all internationally sanctioned human rights, passing through full compliance with the provisions of the applicable local laws, we arrive at the awareness of listening.

The loyalty of employees and the responsibility of accountability towards them is a rewarding factor that contributes to the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives.

Flexibility and propensity for change: both of these elements combined with rapid response times to customer needs are determining factors for Crea-Si and for the fashion world. These elements must aim at achieving sustainable growth of the business, reducing the impacts generated along the entire chain: Suppliers – Customers – Employees – Community.

Synergy and Listening: our commitment to communicate to all Stakeholders both external and internal (Crea-Si people) that with a synergistic and mutual collaboration important results can be obtained on all fronts; adopting responsible behavior on the most relevant social, environmental and governance issues makes everyone more aware of the new challenges to which we are called.

Listening is of fundamental importance for building and achieving customer satisfaction (both internal and/or external).

Stakeholder Engagement: the launch of new mechanisms of dialogue, discussion with one’s Stakeholders and respect in order to identify a shared corporate sustainability strategy, in line (primarily suppliers) with common development expectations.


Crea-Si, in line with its values, has set up the management of all company processes in line with the assets of a sustainability management system:

promote and respect universally recognized human rights within its spheres of influence;
make sure that you are not, even indirectly, complicit in human rights abuses;
support workers’ freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining;
eliminate all forms of forced, compulsory and child labour;
eliminate all forms of discrimination in matters of employment and profession;
ensure compliance with international standards and Italian legislation, collective bargaining, on working hours, overtime, rest and pay
support a preventive approach to environmental challenges;
undertake initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility of the company especially towards the recovery of fabric waste to give it a new life (being Crea-Si a company with a low energy-intensive impact);
encourage the use of increasingly environmentally friendly equipment and technologies.
These principles, shared and pursued, are a tool for improving processes, to increase well-being and efficiency within Crea-Si, with the aim of meeting an ever greater satisfaction of customers and all Stakeholders.

It is therefore necessary for everyone:

The commitment to pursue the effectiveness and efficiency of the products and services created;
Attention to the quality of one’s work;
Attention to compliance and compliance with all aspects of health and safety in the company;
The dissemination of culture and awareness of the environment, respect for the environment and therefore for the eco-sustainable methods defined by the company to reduce its impacts (which are already very low by default) with the involvement of all personnel in order to make them responsible and make them active part in company decisions on environmental matters;
The maximum possible containment of energy waste, the maximum possible recycling of the waste produced.

Lastly, Crea-Sì promotes maximum dialogue between managers and workers to identify needs and innovative and improved proposals; also relying on the “reports” tool to deal with and respond to problems/suggestions, made by workers and other interested parties, regarding possible non-compliance with the following company policy and the principles reported therein.

The following policy involves and is also disseminated throughout the supply chain